I apply social network analysis and computational methods to the study of teams and organizations. In particular:
A Cliche Research Venn Diagram
How teams communicate and collaborate given the changing nature of work, especially the impacts of novel forms of organizational communication technology (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom)
Team composition and team outcomes in extreme teaming (e.g., long-duration space exploration)
How people are aware of and leverage their professional networks (social capital, brokerage, leadership, advice seeking)
Fostering diverse, intercultural, and interdisciplinary collaboration in scientific and professional settings
My work uses quantitative approaches to study survey and digital-trace data. This includes statistical approaches for network analysis (e.g., ERGM, REM, SAOM), computational modeling (e.g., agent-based models), optimization, and text analysis.

Book Chapters

Antone, B., Lungeanu, A., Bell, S. T., De Church, L. A., & Contractor, N. (2020). Computational Modeling of Long-Distance Space Exploration: A Guide to Predictive and Prescriptive Approaches to the Dynamics of Team Composition. In L. Landon, S. Kelley, & E. Salas (Eds.), Psychology and Human Performance in Space Programs, Research at the Frontier. (pp. 107-130): CRC Press. [link]


Antone, B., Lungeanu, A., DeChurch, L. A., Bell, S. T., & Contractor, N.S. (2021). Re-pairing to Repair: A Countermeasure that Enhances Crew Relations in Deep Space. Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress. [link]
Wu, Y. J., Antone, B., Srinivas, A., DeChurch, L. A., & Contractor, N. S. (2021). Teaming in the Time of COVID-19: Creating, dissolving, and reactivating network ties in response to a crisis.” Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(10), 1483-1492. [link]
Antone, B., Gupta, A., Bell, S. T., DeChurch, L. A., & Contractor, N. S. (2020). Testing Influence of Network Structure on Team Performance Using STERGM-Based Controls. Complex Networks and Their Applications VIII, 1018-1030. Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-36683-4_81 [link]